Preface Of Our Beliefs

Preface Of Our Beliefs

Twentieth Century Prophet

The Messenger To The Laodicean Church Age
By Lee Vayle, Bible Teacher, Columbus, Ohio


It is no doubt true that every generation of Christian believers from the time of the apostles has attempted to apply to itself the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:32, “This generation shall not pass away until all these things be fulfilled.”

The purifying hope of the return of Christ must of necessity have been in the heart of every generation; but the actual physical return of Jesus could come only to the final, or end generation. It is believed by the vast majority of Christians that this end-time generation is now living.

This is based upon the fact that certain historical events absolutely necessary to His return have but come to pass in very recent years. There is actually no major prophetic event that is now in progress or that must yet come to herald His return. There is left to us only a breathless hush of waiting as it was in the days of Noah when he entered into the Ark and the flood delayed yet seven days.

No major event in the plan of God has been without a witness to that impending event. In the days of the flood, the Ark was a testimony to the eye while Noah, preached the Word. In the time of the Exodus God sent Moses with signs and wonders and the Word. In the days of the first coming of Jesus, there appeared a mighty prophet with the Word. In these last days we are promised (in Scripture) a forerunner to the event of the second coming of Christ. Hence this booklet now is written to acquaint you with the Messenger-Prophet who fore-runs the literal return of the Lord Jesus when He comes to take His people unto Himself.

Since there has never been a time in Bible history that the people were ready and willing to listen to the witness of God relative to coming events of great magnitude, it is believed that only a few people will be even a little aware of the w witness God has already given to us and established as proof of His coming. But it is hoped that every reader of this article will think awhile on the contents and ask God for guidance in this critical time.

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