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Church Administration


james-kochBrother James Koch
In 1998 the Lord Jesus Christ placed Brother James, his wife Julia, and their family under the leadership of Pastor Hamid. For eight years Brother James served as a trustee, and in 2008 he was ordained a deacon at BT.

brian-garrettBrother Brian Garrett
Brother Brian has been a dedicated member of the deacon board since 2003, and he is additionally our substitute songleader. He and his wife Elizabeth enjoy help with youth activities here at home and at camps, where he often learns new songs to share with BT.

pat-ethingtonBrother Pat Ethington
Brother Pat, his wife Denise, and their family joined our congregation in 2009. Brother Pat has served in various offices in church administration over the years. He is humbled by the opportunity to serve in any capacity.

vangu-nzauBrother Vangu Nzau
Brother Vangu is originally from the Congo, where he received the Message in 1983. He is married to Angela, and they have two sons — Benjamin and Philip. Their family likes to go out of their way to serve people. Brother Vangu is humbled to join the deacons board at BT.


forrest-moteBrother Forrest Mote
Brother Forrest is BT’s treasurer and head trustee. Since 1995 he has been a trusted and practically irreplaceable member of our staff. Brother Forrest and his wife Rachel have two children: Zoe and Noah.

chris-hershbergerBrother Chris Hershberger
The duties of a trustee come naturally to Brother Chris, who has an aptitude for number-crunching. He also enjoys hunting, researching vehicle performance, and taking his family on outings. Brother Chris and his wife Audrey have two children: Abigail and Jacob.

james-holderBrother James Holder
For over a decade, Brother James has been serving the Lord under Pastor Hamid’s ministry. He and his wife Tiffany met there, and today they have two children: Luke and Madelyn. Brother James always enjoys studying and preparing for what our Lord has in store for his life.

wesley-hamidBrother Wesley Hamid
Bro. Wesley and his wife Emily both grew up under the BT ministry with testimonies of faithfulness. He has a business administration degree and is reliable, confidential and perseverant in his work. In his own words: “I enjoy serving our Lord in this office of a trustee and look forward to continuing my service for Him.”